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Define Your Purpose:-- (How to figure out what you want in life)

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(How to figure out what you want in life)
What do you want?
How can one discover this talent, career job which should reflect his or her kind and be able to work towards it?

Well, as many of us do not know and not even taking note of. For our noble information, this is one of the most asked questions from 95% of the people, and it is most appalling to know that this percentage of people of the world are aimlessly drifting through life, without the knowledge of the type of work for which they are best fitted, and worst still they lack conception of the need of such thing as a DEFINITE objective towards which to strive with.

Are you one, among this numerous people without the knowledge to figure out how to define their purpose? Have you been in search, deep down in your soul of what kind of work suites you but have not figured out how to define your purpose and come to an objective?

May be you are hooked-up with the nature of work which you do not like for the purpose of sustaining for daily bread, but deep down in your mind you know you are not happy doing this work.

Ready to be able to create your own freedom by defining who you are and being able to create living out of your potentials and dictate your time,

All these are possible but what hinders as many as 95% of the people of the world from knowing these including me is that, we lack the information necessary to position us in the state of knowing where to start and how to go about defining our purpose, then reaching an objective and being able to work with the power of decision to trigger the success trait which I called “activate your act” which will eventually graduate into results (action having been performed).

It is a well-known fact that a man who engages in a work he do not like do so for the sake of ---- daily sustenance but actually is an angry man and equally not free mentally and otherwise.

The information you need to come out of this shackles that hinders your progress by being able to define your purpose and work towards it are packaged with this book. “Define Your Purpose.”

“Define Your Purpose” will change your life and help you create wealth in shortest time in the following three strategic ways:

1. It will help you DEFINE YOUR DEFINITE CHIEF AIM (define your purpose)

2. You will be able to tap into the power of decision and grab an OBJECT of your definite chief aim (Objective in life)

3. Then, by making use of my success trait “Activate your act” there will be appropriate ACTION taken towards that your OBJECTIVE in life by the use of Auto-Suggestion (reminding yourself what to do every day) which will yield wealthy results at last.

As we all are aware that the school system runs-off people to get confused with the labor market because, nowhere in the world that the system teaches how to develop yourself and gravitate into accumulating wealth both in terms of making money and otherwise, that is why “Define Your Purpose” contain very important chapters that had hand in enriching you on how to form the habit of saving more money and how you can get more promotion in that your place of work.

As my bestselling book so far, which have been bought by organizations and schools for the readership of their members and have testified the book had a tremendous improve in their income and life entirely, I suggest you lay your hand on this book at still this slashed price of (Two Thousand Naira) N2, 000.00 only.


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Remember; life does not worth to be lived if you are living without purpose. And the worst death is the one who died without discovering his purpose of living before death for it is better he existed not.
Kingsley Anyi

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Define Your Purpose:-- (How to figure out what you want in life)