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Secrets Of Discovering Your Career And Or Talent Working Towards It.

(CareerConduct):--  What Is Your Definite Chief Aim? Do You Have a Definite Objective In Life?

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Kingsley Anyi

How can one discover his or her DESIRE (CAREER or TALENT) and be able to work towards it for success?
I write on career and talent innovation, a web programmer, writer and weight lifter.

My aim is to help make sure we create a lasting solution in this area of career or talent pursuit. Read my full detailed aim below. You can subscribe with me below for weekly updates or read my story of how i started below:
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(LESSON 1):-- How To Harness And Control Your Habit Instead Of Becoming a Slave To It.

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Know Thyself!
“You have a tremendous advantage
Over the person who slanders you
Or does you a willful injustice;
You have it within your power to
FORGIVE that person.”

Before we start this particular lesson, I would like us to have little knowledge about CONCENTRATION, for this is the act of focusing the mind upon a given desire until ways and means for its realization have been worked out and successfully put into operation.

So, two important laws are involved in the act of concentrating the mind on a given desire and they are: -- AUTO-SUGGESTION AND HABIT. We have discussed the former in almost all the previous lessons on career and or talent lessons.

We now have to go into how to harness and control your habit instead of becoming a slave to it with the aid of concrete concentration for success. But first, what is Habit? Habit has a solid relationship with our environment ---- this originates out of doing the same thing in the same way over and over again. And once this is formed, it resembles a cement block that has hardened in the mold which is hard to break.

For example, remembering the name of a person by repeating that name over and over until you have fix it permanently in your mind is a very good indication that habit is the basis of all memory training.

This statement by a man named Atterbury illustrates the effects of habit when he said that; “the force of education is so great that we may mold the minds and manners of the young into whatever shape we please and give the impressions of such habits as shall ever afterwards remain.”

The human mind we know, have the tendency to draw the material out of which thought is created, this it does from the surrounding environment, except on rare occasions where the mind rises above environment.

And habit has a way of crystalizing this thought into a permanent fixture and goes a long way to store it in the sub-conscious mind where it becomes a vital part of your personality and this silently influences our actions, and also forms our biases and negatives and eventually controls our various opinions.

Reminding us the importance of our environment is very paramount because, environment is the mental feeding ground out of which the food that goes into our mind is extracted (gotten from). Therefore, the importance of selecting our environment with great care is needed.

So, habit is a cruel tyrant, which rules and compels man against their will, desire and other things. And this is very true in many cases, the question now should be whether this force out of habit could be harnessed and put into good work, instead of being a slave to it and yet be serving it faithfully while still complaining.

Remember, the only way to remove old habits is to form new ones to counteract and replace the ones you do not want again. ---- form new parts in which to do things and the old habits will soon become out of use and in time will practically be left over.

This mental path making is a very important thing, and I can urge upon you too strongly the injunction to start to work making the desirable mental paths over which you wish to travel. Practice, practice, practice --- be a good path maker.

Here are the procedures through which to form the habits you desire for successful career and or talent:--

1. At first, while making your path or at the formation of a new habit, make a clear path and the path should be as clear and as deep as you can, so that you can readily see it the next time you wish to follow it.

2. You should be a master of ACCURATE THINKING here, try to cultivate the ability to forget those things that do not matter in your new habit path. Concentrate on the new path building and do away with the old habits or else you incline towards them.

3. There is the need to create plans for passing over these new habit-paths often at the very start. By this I mean you should practice the activities that draw you closer towards achieving your new habit. Make opportunities for doing so, instead of waiting for them to arise through luck or chance.

4. Surely, there will be temptation to travel over the older easier paths that you have been into before. Resisting this temptation makes you become stronger and the easier it becomes for you to continue resisting the older habits every time you do so. Bear this in mind, every time you yield to older temptation habits the easier it becomes for you to practice it.

5. Finally, make sure you have mapped-out the right path, which should be out of strong DESIRE as your “definite objective.” This you should pursue without allowing room for doubt. Place your hands upon the plow, and make sure you look not backward. Select your goal, and then make good, deep, wide mental paths leading straight to it.

From the explanation so far, you should observe that, Auto-suggestion (reminding yourself what to do) is the tool to dig a mental path; CONCENTRATION holds it as the hands; while habit is the map or blueprint which the mental path follows.

Therefore, for an idea or desire to be transformed into action or physical reality, it must be held tight in the conscious mind with FAITH and PERSISTENCY. Then habit begins to give its permanent formation with proper action.

I wish you good luck in your new habit-paths and toward its attainment in pursuit of your career and or talent. Success is guaranteed when you follow the five procedures outlined above. They will guide you on how not to go back to the older paths.

See you next time!
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