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Secrets Of Discovering Your Career And Or Talent Working Towards It.

(CareerConduct):--  What Is Your Definite Chief Aim? Do You Have a Definite Objective In Life?

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Kingsley Anyi

How can one discover his or her DESIRE (CAREER or TALENT) and be able to work towards it for success?
I write on career and talent innovation, a web programmer, writer and weight lifter.

My aim is to help make sure we create a lasting solution in this area of career or talent pursuit. Read my full detailed aim below. You can subscribe with me below for weekly updates or read my story of how i started below:
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(LESSON 10):--What Does It Take To Be Successful?

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Do you have what it takes to be successful? Can anyone be successful? Then, where does talent fit in here? Starting this article with series of questions is to bring down our minds on what certain level of individuals term other people as being a failure or cannot-achieve individuals.

With this I say:
1. Every One Has Talent: -- >
Every person is capable of doing something better than the next ten thousand people practically proved by researchers. So, why should you not find that, in which you can do well and perform better on it?

It should occur to our mind that people have equal value but not equal giftedness. That is why some people seem to be gifted with multitude of talents while most of us have fewer abilities.
But, it do not matter how aware you are about your abilities, how you feel about yourself or whether you have achieved success before or not.

All that matters is that, you have talent and you can go ahead and develop it as well. So, the next ability or what it takes, urges you to:

2. Go ahead & develop the talent you have, not the one you want:
I know that this question will be obvious for your answer but, I must have to ask you for the sake of this lesson. Between the people who relies on his talent alone and the person who realizes his talent and go ahead to develop it, which do you think will be successful?

With this I say; you should not waste the majority of your time focused on strengthening your weaknesses rather, you should start working on the area of your strength. (I mean, you should strengthen your abilities, not character issues)

Example: if your natural talent in an area is a 3, with dedication and hard work you can rise to a 6. In real sense, you can go from below average to above average.

Then the next what it takes to be successful is:
3. Make choices that will add values to your talent:
The effectiveness necessary for converting talent into results comes from the choices you make. That is why the key choices you make today apart from natural talent you have, will set you aside from others who have talent alone.

Below are thirteen key choices I discovered from reading & researching that can be made to maximize your talent:

1. Belief is a lift to your talent
2. With passion your talent is energized
3. Initiative added will activate your talent
4. Focus will direct your talent
5. With appropriate preparation, your talent will be positioned
6. Practice sharpens your talent
7. Perseverance will sustain your talent
8. Courage test your talent
9. Teach-ability brings expansion to your talent
10. Your talent is protected by character
11. With adequate relationship, your talent is protected
12. Responsibility strengthens your talent
13. Teamwork is a multiplier to your talent

With these choices rightly applied, you can become a talent-plus person. Remember this, if you have talent, you stand alone, but if you have talent-plus, believe you me, you are bound to stand out.

See you next time!
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Kingsley Anyi

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