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Secrets Of Discovering Your Career And Or Talent Working Towards It.

(CareerConduct):--  What Is Your Definite Chief Aim? Do You Have a Definite Objective In Life?

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Kingsley Anyi

How can one discover his or her DESIRE (CAREER or TALENT) and be able to work towards it for success?
I write on career and talent innovation, a web programmer, writer and weight lifter.

My aim is to help make sure we create a lasting solution in this area of career or talent pursuit. Read my full detailed aim below. You can subscribe with me below for weekly updates or read my story of how i started below:
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(LESSON 11):-- Forms Of SELF-CONTROL That Causes More Grief

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Now, we have come to the forms of SELF-CONTROL which causes more grief than all other forms when combined together. This is “the habit of forming opinions before studying the facts.” We will not analyze this in details here because we will treat it in details while tackling the lesson ahead called “accurate thought.”

But as the case may be, the subject of SELF-CONTROL could not be covered without having at least a kind of passing reference to this common evil to which we are all addicted.

Then, let us throw little light on these forms of SELF-CONTROL:
 Habit Of Forming Opinions Before Studying The Facts:=>

I think it should be to our notice that, no one has the right to form opinions that is not based on that which he believes to be facts, because, this will cause you to catch yourself forming opinions on nothing more substantial than your desire for your personal opinion to be or not to be.

This form of SELF-CONTROL leads to greed and self-centered behavior in dealing with your career or talent. There is another form of self-control which is grievous in nature and this is “SPENDING” habit.

Specifically, should I say, it is the “habit of spending beyond your needs.”

 Habit of Spending beyond Your Needs :=>

From proper examination, this habit has become so common since the close of so-called world war and since then, this habit has become alarming too.

The writer of this article is of the opinion that Nigerians should for-go the habit of spending beyond needs for this could create a poorer country within little scope of time, this is because, we are not a producing country. Children should be thought the habit of saving.

It has become alarming that in every hand, we see people buying automobiles on the installment plan instead of buying homes. Please, avoid mortgaging your future to own cars.

From proper observation, the writer of this article tends to prophesy that not only will this habit grow lean bank accounts, but, if persistency is observed, it will eventually grow babies whose legs will have become transformed into wheels.

This is caused mostly by our quest to live faster than our neighbors which triggers this speed-mad, money-spending attitude in this age which we are living.

This habit has brought an alarming number of employees who are becoming involved with what should be called a “loan shark,” of course, all these grief forms of SELF-CONTROL occurs because we are creatures of imitation as human beings.

We find it hard to resist the temptation to do that, in which we see others doing. If our neighbors buy a Range Rover, we must imitate him and if we cannot hard-buy exactly, we must at least buy a Benz and even borrow banks to accomplish this bad attitude.

The old-fashioned statement known as “raining-day-savings” have now become obsolete in our world today. We live from day to day. Some are proud they buy everything in dollars and pounds, thereby paying a third more for it than it ought to cost, how can one meet-up opportunity that needed little money to carry-on with your career and or talent with this attitude?

I will say that this warning does not apply to you! Or does it?
This is intended only for those binding themselves in the chains of poverty by spending beyond their earning capacity and these types of people tend to not have heard that there are definite laws which must be observed by all who plans to attain success.

NOTE THIS: I know that it requires considerable SELF-CONTROL to use the street taxis as a means of transportation when people all around you are driving automobiles, but this is what you should take note of, that all who exercise this SELF-CONTROL are practically sure to see the day when many who are presently driving cars will either be riding the street cars or walking. Indeed, automobiles are one of the craziest inventions so far.

By last thirty years ago, if a boy wanted a car, he normally fashion this automobile out of wooden boards and had the pleasure of building it himself. Now, if this same boy wanted a car, he cries for it and definitely gets it. This is because, their parents who lacked SELF-CONTROL and are now victim of spending habit have induced this form of “lack of self-control” IN THEIR ONCOMING GENERATION.

The habit of spending beyond our earning is killing us I must lament. I am right by assuming that you are struggling to attain success, for if you are not, you would not be reading this my article from this web-app.

Let me leave you with this little secret, a little savings account will attract many an opportunity to you that would not come your way without it. As a person who exercises SELF-CONTROL, the size of your account does not matter, but the fact that you have established “the savings habit” does.

See you next time!
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--- Grief: >> (very great sadness, especially at the death of someone)

--- Opinion: >> (a thought or belief about something or someone. The thought that a group of people have)

--- Substantial: >> (large in size, value or importance. Relating to the main or most important thing being considered)

--- Grievous: >> (having very serious effect or causing great pain.)

--- Mortgaging: >> (to borrow money to buy a house, cars etc. all forms of material attractions)

--- Lean: >> (to {cause to} slope in one direction, or to move the top part of the body in a particular direction. To sit or stand with a part of your body touching someone as a support)

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