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Secrets Of Discovering Your Career And Or Talent Working Towards It.

(CareerConduct):--  What Is Your Definite Chief Aim? Do You Have a Definite Objective In Life?

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Kingsley Anyi

How can one discover his or her DESIRE (CAREER or TALENT) and be able to work towards it for success?
I write on career and talent innovation, a web programmer, writer and weight lifter.

My aim is to help make sure we create a lasting solution in this area of career or talent pursuit. Read my full detailed aim below. You can subscribe with me below for weekly updates or read my story of how i started below:
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(LESSON 3):-- How Fear From Social Heredity Can Rob-Off Your Talent/Career Job.

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Do we think is sufficient to say that “social heredity” (influence from social lives) is the method through which man gathers all knowledge which reaches him through the sense. I do not think this is enough, so, it is more to the point to state how social heredity works with different applications as will give us comprehensive understanding.

To this, I think we should start with some of the lower animals to deduce how this law affects them and how it can rob-off your talent/career job.

In the ability to understand how social heredity works, a well-known author was once examining a dove and her nest near his garden. The nest was so located that the mother bird could be seen from a close distance when she was on the nest.

The young hatched, and the author having taken notice of such made his way towards the mother bird nest. By mere sight of the author, the mother bird dangled towards one corner pretending to have damaged legs and flew away in different direction to deviate the mind of the author.

But the author being familiar with the tricks of the mother bird, kept his pace to the location of the nest. Without the slightest sign of fear the young birds turn towards the direction of the author looking directly on his face, he picked them up and they stood in his palm without fear still steering directly on his face.

He dropped them back in their nest and went to a safe distance to give the mother bird a chance to return. Obviously, the wait was short because she began carefully to edge her way back towards the nest and was from a distance uttering some series of sounds similar to calls which resemble that of a hen when she has found some morsel of food which she wishes to call her chicks to partake.

She quickly gathered them with excitement and danced around while giving them their first lesson on self-defense through the law of “SOCIAL HEREDITY” (influence from social lives) one could hear her from her body language saying; “you silly and stupid little things! You should be ashamed for allowing that man pick you up and carry you on his palm. Next time you should not allow such to happen. You are lucky he did not carry you away and eat you up. Once you see him, get out of sight until the enemy has gone.”

These little creatures listened intensively to their mother. And when the author started making his way back, the mother bird did her normal tricky style and flew away. To the dismay of the author, as he approached he did not catch a glance of any of the little birds again.

All have hidden, which means, they have been taught how to avoid their enemies through “SOCIAL HEREDITY.” (Influence from social lives) Thanks to their natural instinct.

As a small boy of intense love to pets like cat, I inherited a beautiful male cat from my grandmother. I trained the cat to a good lifestyle and he became friendly and law abiding in the neighborhood. Practical experience from SOCIAL HEREDITY (influence from social lives) made me lose that cat when I left for my secondary education career, I had no time to attend to him and this made my siblings to use this opportunity as a means to beat-up and cajole the cat towards being their play pet in rough plays.

The cat could not withstand the beating and decided to run into hiding to the forest. And any time he sees any of us approaching, he will run with utmost gusto for his dear life. Practicality of the law of “SOCIAL HEREDITY” (influence from social lives) taught him the cat not to come close because, that house was all but pains to him.

In this sense, social heredity has robbed the author off a pet and likewise did the same to me.

NOTE this: the second illustration described the process of gathering knowledge through direct experience, while the first is through the training of the young by the old. Remember, the most important and impressive lesson is the one gathered by the young from the old, through emotionalized, method of teaching.

This could be noticed from the first story when the mother bird spread her wings, stood her feathers on end and warned her young in a highly excited manner, she has planted the fear of man in their heart as their major enemies in the way in which they never forget in life.

To your career job and talent in life, say no to negative “SOCIAL HEREDITY” (influence from social lives) and activities that will deviate your “BURNING DESIRES” away from your current chosen “definite chief aim” make friends and get closer to relatives that will influence the cause of your immediate career job/talent.

Co-exist with like minds in order to have progressive “social heredity” engraved in your sub-conscious mind. Not the one that will distract and make you lose self-confident in your area of career job/talent, but the one which expresses you to knowledge and facts in which you needed to succeed in life. Having reached to this extent, we shall continue our next lesson with;


(1) Having realized you have the ability to achieve the object of your definite purpose, there is the need to demand of yourself persistence, aggressiveness and continuous action towards attaining that level.

(2) Take thirty minutes daily out of your time upon the task of thinking of the person you intend to be, by so doing, you are creating a mental picture of this person and eventually transforming this picture into reality through practical services.

(3) Auto-suggestion; through this, any desire that you persistently hold in your mind will definitely seek expression through some practical means of realizing it. Therefore, devote at least ten minutes daily in demanding yourself the lesson taught here through auto-suggestion.

(4) Take time to map-out and write down description of your definite purpose in life for the next five years. Set-up a price which you intend to earn for each of these five years by rendering satisfactory services in advance.

(5) Whether you like it or not, no wealth or position built upon injustice can last longer. Therefore, do not engage in any transactions which do not benefit all whom it affects. Attract forces you need to use and the co-operation of other people. Induce others to serve you by first serving them.

Then, sign your name on this formula, commit this to memory and repeat it daily with focused faith that it will gradually influence your entire life so that you will at last become a happy successful man in your chosen area of endeavors.

NOTE: make sure you intend to carry-out the instructions of this formula. According to psychologists, this law (self-confidence) has the power to lead you up the mountain side of peace and prosperity and equally can draw you into the whirlpool of failure.

So, fill your mind with radiant self-confidence, and this principle of auto-suggestion will take this belief and act it up as your dominating thought, eventually this will help you master the obstacles on your way until you reach the climax of your successful career in life.


See you next time!
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___ Comprehensive :=>( complete and including everything that is necessary)

___ dangle :=>( to hang loosely or to hold something so that it hangs loosely)

___ deviate :=>( to do something which is different from the usual or common way of behaving)

___ steer :=>( to control something in the direction you want it to be)

___ Utter :=>( to say something or to make a sound with your voice)

___ Morsel :=>( 1. A very small piece of food, 2. A very small piece or amount)

___ Instinct :=>( the way people or animal naturally react or behave without having to think or learn about it)

___ Sibling :=>( a brother or sister is your sibling)

___ cajole :=>( to persuade someone to do something they might not want to do, by pleasant talk and sometimes (false) promises)

___ Gusto :=>( great energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment that is experienced by someone taking part in an activity, especially a performance)

___ co-exist :=>( to live or exist together at the same time or in the same place)

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